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Hi all interested.
Since we are mainly building houses in Ireland I write this in English from now on.

During the last 6 months we have produced  9 new houses  in our Lysekil factory. They are all built in Ireland. We have now a total of 310 houses built

This is a Nordica 125 with upstairs and our special passive roof-truss that also create space upstairs for a marginal cost.

Deep and varied talents are needed to build the best Scandinavian Homes foundations!

James Kearney, head of foundation team practice as a locomotive driver.

Our 75mm thick insulated base units are improved further with an extra layer of 80mm polystyrene on the inside. The  total insulation all around the circumference is now 155mm.

The concrete beam running around the perimeter was made narrower in 2017 to reduce the heat-losses further. This was possible to do after careful structural calculations to ensure the stability of our foundations.

The house in the moonlight is also a Nordica 125 with upstairs. This one is redesigned by our customer with a higher wall and lower roof-pitch of 35° compared to the normal 40° in Nordica houses with converted attics.

The house below is a Nordica 115 with the normal 40° roof pitch. This is identical to a Nordica 125, only 1.2m shorter.

Here some building materials that was lifted in before the house is roofed to save work in the next stage.

Finally, a picture of the bathroom in our office /showhouse in Galway. This, our first passive house, is now 18 years old! Hard to believe -time is flying.
I wonder how many companies dare to (are foolish enough) to show an 18 year old sample-product?

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